Marks of Discipleship

  1. Disciples place themselves under the power and authority of the Scripture.
  2. Disciples know that they belong to God, and know that God has a claim on them.
  3. Disciples acknowledge their rebellion, accept responsibility for their sin, and repent.
  4. Disciples respond to God's call to enter the covenant community of faith and express commitment to the covenant through the tithe.
  5. Disciples hear and obey God's call to be bearers of God's message of deliverance.
  6. Disciples keep God's law by doing it.
  7. Disciples commit themselves to corporate worship.
  8. Disciples provide a sense of direction and purpose through godly, obedient leadership.
  9. Disciples maintain a biblical perspective on leadership that supports and respects godly leaders but give true allegiance only to God.
  10. Disciples recognize and listen to prophetic voices raised about community, nation and world and at times become the prophetic voice.
  11. Disciples accept consequences of their sin, seek forgiveness, look for healing and new opportunities for faithfulness.
  12. Disciples choose to serve rather than to despair when suffering the consequences of sin.
  13. Disciples trust God with all their thoughts and feelings.
  14. Disciples strive to live in harmony with God's laws even though obedience is costly.
  15. Disciples trust God in the face of unexplained suffering.
  16. Disciples sense their unity with the historic people of God and live in hope with a vision of God's kingdom.
  17. Disciples hear the gospel of Jesus Christ in the context of unity with the historic people of God.
  18. Disciples accept Christ's call to radical discipleship.
  19. Disciples abandon shame and pretense, become vulnerable and enter the ministry of making disciples.
  20. Disciples understand their ministry as a call to self-denial and suffering.
  21. Disciples throw their weight with God's mission to the least, the last, the lost.
  22. Disciples experience life in Jesus Christ.
  23. Disciples sense the inner assurance of abundant, eternal life.
  24. Disciples experience the presence and the power of the Holy Spirit in their life.
  25. Disciples witness to others in order to lead them to Jesus Christ.
  26. Disciples receive and trust the forgiving love of God in Jesus Christ and serve out of love and gratitude.
  27. Disciples love.
  28. Disciples experience and express freedom as loving God and loving neighbour.
  29. Disciples seek sound teaching under the guidance of faithful leaders.
  30. Disciples accept God's forgiveness.
  31. Disciples know themselves as distinctive, peculiar people bearing the inner mark of character and the outer mark of compassion.
  32. Disciples remain faithful to God in the midst of persecution and suffering.
  33. Disciples use their gifts in ministry to others.
  34. Disciples commit their life completely to God to serve as God wills.

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Study Manual, Copyright © 1987 by Graded Press
Second Edition, Copyright © 1993 by Abingdon Press
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