Medical Camp for Refugees

Thanks to Dr Wendy, Meng and Pey Wah and their respective teams, because today's Medical Camp was a hit!

We had about 160 patients, mainly womenfolk and kids, come to see the attending Doctors whom Dr Wendy had kindly arranged. We thank these Doctors from the bottom of our hearts for their voluntary and enthusiastic spirit!

Many kids suffer from fever, poor appetite and poor gastro-intestinal conditions. The womenfolk too are troubled by aches and pains, gastro intestinal and other ailments. One lady had a serious ear infection and needs surgery, whilst another is prone to fits and needs to consult with a neurologist. Thanks to the early intervention by the Medical Camp, these two serious cases can be referred to the respective specialists.

The photos will be uploaded soon so take a look at the camp.

It was very crammed due to the smallness of the premise, but nonetheless, the team did superbly to maintain order and control in the procedures. The Doctors worked enthusiastically, with our own two doctors always smiling and pressing on, Dr Wendy and Dr Boon Nee. We love your passion and selfless spirit. Thank you!

And for the logistics team...everything went very smoothly. Thank you!

I am sure the refugees are grateful for your help. They are a highly marginalized and traumatised community with little recourse to medical aid due to financial constraints. Another great need is actually dental aid...this is a gap that we hope we can plug.

God's blessings,
30 Oct 2011