Sermon Calendar

Date Sort descending Title Scripture Preacher
7th Commandment : No Adultery Exodus 20:12 Curtis
5th Commandment: First with a Promise Exodus 20:12 Yee Siew Meng
6th Commandment : You shall not murder Exodus 20:14 Yee Siew Meng
9th Commandment: Telling the Truth Exodus 20:15 Tony Thavasilan
10th Commandment: You shall not covet Exodus 20:16 Ong Meng Chai
8th Commandment: You Shall Not Steal Exodus 20:15 Yee Siew Meng
What is Missions? - Tony Thavasilan
Mission and Ministry John 4:1-26 Dave Kulp
Parables of the Kingdom of Heaven (part 1) Matthew 13 Yee Siew Meng
Parables of the Kingdom of Heaven (part 2) - Yee Siew Meng
Agents of the Gospel - Massimo Gei
Justified by FAITH Romans 5:1-11 Yee Siew Meng
We have PEACE with God Romans 5:1-11 Curtis
We rejoice in HOPE Romans 5:1-11 Yee Siew Meng
The HOPE of Christmas Yee Siew Meng
God shows His LOVE Romans 5:1-11 Yee Siew Meng
Being obedient to Declare the Gospel Acts 26 Yee Siew Meng
The Farewell Acts 20:17-38 Tony Thavasilan
Prayer and Mission Psalm 67 Leong Tien Fock
Becoming a Faithful Witness Acts 1:1-14 Yee Siew Meng
Salvation Completed with the Coming of the Holy Spirit Acts 2:1-21 Curtis
The Asaph Series: When I almost stumbled and slipped Psalm 73 Yee Siew Meng
Repent and be Baptised Acts 2:29-41 Curtis Shields
The Asaph Series : When the Earth totters Psalm 75 Yee Siew Meng
Becoming a Psalm 1 person Psalm 1 Nicholas Hor

The CDPC pulpit is committed to Expository or Topical preaching from the Word of God.

Expository Preaching

In expository preaching, we undertake a sustained study of a Scriptural text within its context to understand what the Spirit is saying to us today. This form of preaching requires continual preparation, prayer and exegetical precision, but the discipline of wrestling through difficult texts could be immensely rewarding.

Topical Preaching

In topical preaching, we select a topic, for example missions or spiritual gifts, and systematically gather related Scriptural texts to shed light specifically on the matter at hand. This form of preaching is generally easier to digest and helpful when certain relevant issues need to be addressed.

In all these we seek to be Gospel-Centered and Christ-Centered.