Date Sort descending Title Scripture Preacher
10th Commandment Ian
Cultivating an Inner Life Alvin Ung
Loving God with All Your Mind David Chong
Loving God with All Your Heart, Soul, Strength Ng Aik Khiam
Loving Your City Peter Rowan
Conflict and Peacemaking Wong Fong Yang
Why Care for Creation if it is to be Destroyed? Peter Harris
The Beatitudes Wong Fong Yang
Being Salt and Light David Chong
Righteousness that Surpasses That of the Pharisees Mark Lovatt
Anger Issue Wong Fong Yang
Lust and Marriage Fidelity Wong Fong Yang
Integrity of Speech Ng Aik Khiam
No Revenge, Bless Instead Wong Fong Yang
Love Your Enemy David Chong
Do Not Parade Good Deeds for Self Glory Wong Fong Yang
Theocentric Prayer Wong Fong Yang
Hosea 6, 7 Roy Boyd
God is Faithful to His Promises and He is Merciful Dr Bryan Chapell
Money Matters or God Matters? Wong Fong Yang
Do Not Judge Wong Fong Yang
The Call to Genuine Discipleship Wong Fong Yang
Keep a Clear Head Tan Kay Hoe
God's Call to Fit in His Redemptive Plan Wong Fong Yang
The Glory of God Wong Fong Yang