Date Title Scripture Preacher Sort descending
The True and Living God Acts 17:22-34 Albert Wong
Cultivating an Inner Life Alvin Ung
Called to Work as Image Bearers of God Genesis 2 Andre Yee
(CDPC Camp @ Bukit Gambang Kuantan, Aug 27th - 29th) Bernard Hull
Luke 5:1-31 Leaving everything and following Jesus Luke 5:1-31 Bernard Hull
The Vision of a Christian Family Bernard Hull
Road to Fruitfulness and Glory Caleb Soon
Can Christian Eat Food Offered to Idols? Caleb Soon
The Resurrection Body Caleb Soon
CNY: Finding God in ancient China Caleb Soon
God with Us Caleb Soon
Prophecy and Tongues Caleb Soon
(John 10) John 10 Caleb Soon
Celebrate God's Goodness, Share His Love Caleb Soon
(John 9) John 9 Caleb Soon
Everyone Has a Spiritual Gift Caleb Soon
Changing and Unchanged Caleb Soon
8th Commandment Caleb Soon
Year End Sermon Caleb Soon
The Lord's Supper Caleb Soon
I am the Resurrection and the Life John 11 Caleb Soon
Thanksgiving Service Caleb Soon
The Grace of Forgiveness (John 8:1-11) John 8:1-11 Caleb Soon
Global day of prayer and the Pentecost Caleb Soon
Christmas Celebration Caleb Soon