Date Title Scripture Preacher Sort descending
Luke 12 Kingdom Economy Luke 12:1-34 Curtis
Easter Sunday Luke 24 Curtis
Waves of Mercy Jonah 2 Curtis
A Changed City Jonah 3 Curtis
We have PEACE with God Romans 5:1-11 Curtis
Incense Before God Revelation 8 Curtis
Whoever is of a Generous Heart Exodus 35:4-29 Curtis
The Forerunner Luke 1:1-26 Curtis
Destructive Destroyer Revelation 9 Curtis
Mary's Song Luke 1 Curtis
Good Friday Service Curtis
Threatened Exodus 11 Curtis
Psalm 29 Psalm 29 Curtis
Salvation Completed with the Coming of the Holy Spirit Acts 2:1-21 Curtis
The Church as a Worshipping Community 1 Pet 2:1-10 Curtis
Repent and be Baptised Acts 2:29-41 Curtis Shields
Mission and Ministry John 4:1-26 Dave Kulp
Movies engagement & evaluation David Chong
Sheperds of God's Flock 1 Peter 5:2-4 David Chong
Love Your Enemy David Chong
Loving the Woman in Your Life David Chong
The Role of Church and Civil Society in Nation Building David Chong
Being Salt and Light David Chong
Loving God with All Your Mind David Chong
The Reason for Our Hope David Chong