Date Title Scripture Preacher Sort descending
Christ the Wisdom of God Ian
Fleeing to Egypt Matthew 2:16-23 Ian
Easter Ian
Will You Still Follow Him? Luke 4:14-44 Ian
The Master Plan of God Romans 11 Jacob Loh
Easter Jacob Loh
Living Lives Empowered by the Spirit Jan Nel
Urban Mission (Acts 14:21-27) Acts 14:21-27 Jay Kyle
Good Friday John 19:14-37 John Chung
Micah 5 Micah 5 John Chung
Suffering for What is Right 1 Peter 3:13-22 John Chung
Psalm 27 Psalm 27 John Chung
When Glory Came Down Exodus 40 John Chung
Luke 13:10-20 Luke 13:10-20 John Chung
God of the City Jonah 4 John Chung
Depends on Faith, Rested on Grace Romans 4 John Chung
The Birth of Jesus Matthew 1:18-25 John Chung
Luke 22:1-38 Luke 22:1-38 John Chung
Joy in Trials James 1:1-18 John Chung
The Lord's Prayer Matthew 6:9-23 John Chung
Israel as God's Prophetic Clock Koshy Thomas
Apostasy - A Sign of the End Times Koshy Thomas
Stations of the Cross Labu Drama Ministry
Mission Lee Chul Woo
The Marks of God's Children Lee Han Meng