Date Title Sort descending Scripture Preacher
8th Commandment Caleb Soon
8th Commandment: You Shall Not Steal Exodus 20:15 Yee Siew Meng
9th Commandment Wong Fong Yang
9th Commandment: Telling the Truth Exodus 20:15 Tony Thavasilan
A Bride for Isaac Genesis 24 Paul Barker
A Caring Church -Mercy & Justice Wong Fong Yang
A Changed City Jonah 3 Curtis
A Faithful Witness in Satan's Territory Yee Siew Meng
A Father's Love Psalm 103:1-2, 8-18 Yee Siew Meng
A New Communnity Acts 2:42-47 Wong Fong Yang
A Night of Watching by the Lord Exodus 12:40-42 Yee Siew Meng
A Prayer for Deliverance, Guidance, and Forgiveness Psalm 25 Lim Sian Pheng
A Serving Church - Every member a Minister (Romans 12:1-8) Romans 12:1-8 Wong Fong Yang
A significant milestone in the church : Grace or Law Acts 15:1-21 Yee Siew Meng
A Vision of Christ Among Us Revelation 1:9-20 Yee Siew Meng
A Woman Who Fears the Lord Proverbs 31:30 Tony Thavasilan
Accept One Another Romans 14:1-15:13 Michael Koh
Acts 1 The Master Plan of the Risen Christ- disciples to be his witnesses to the ends of the earth Acts 1 Wong Fong Yang
Acts 10:1-11:18 Peter's conversion Acts 10:1-11:18 Michael Koh
Acts 12 Acts 12 Wong Fong Yang
Acts 13 Acts 13 Michael Koh
Acts 14 Acts 14 George Tan
Acts 15:1-35 Acts 15:1-35 Michael Koh
Acts 15:36 - 16:5 Acts 15:36 - 16:5 Yvette Koh
Acts 16:6-40 Acts 16:6-40 Wong Fong Yang