Date Sort ascending Title Scripture Preacher
A Father's Love Psalm 103:1-2, 8-18 Yee Siew Meng
How are we saved? Romans 9:30 - 10:13 Yee Siew Meng
God's sovereign choice and His glory Romans 9:19-29 Yee Siew Meng
God's Sovereign Choice Romans 9:1-18 Yee Siew Meng
The Lot is Cast Esther 8 - 10 Curtis
Who Will Save The Day? Esther 5-7 Nicholas Hor
God loves us as His children Romans 8:28-39 Yee Siew Meng
Our Present Suffering and Future Glory Romans 8:18-27 Yee Siew Meng
Life In The Spirit Romans 8:1-17 David Lim
Two ways to live. Which will you choose? Romans 7 Yee Siew Meng
Death No Longer Has Dominion Romans 6 Yee Siew Meng
Good Friday John Chung
Adam's Sin Romans 5:12-21 Yee Siew Meng
God's Hidden Hand Esther 3 - 4 Peter Lau
Good out of Bad Esther 2 Curtis
The Great King and His Great Kingdom Esther 1 Tony Thavasilan
Peace with God, Rejoice in Hope, Joy in Sufferings Romans 5:1-11 David Lim
Depends on Faith, Rested on Grace Romans 4 John Chung
What difference does Christ make? Romans 3:21-31 Curtis
What advantage does the Christian have? Romans 3:1-20 Yee Siew Meng
The Circumcision of the Heart Romans 2:17-29 David Lim
No Excuse All of You Romans 2:1-16 Yee Siew Meng
God's Wrath on Unrighteousness Romans 1:16-32 Curtis
Obedience that comes through faith Romans 1:8-17 Yee Siew Meng
Getting the Gospel Right Romans 1:1-7 Yee Siew Meng