Date Sort descending Title Scripture Preacher
Imaging God at Work Mark Lovatt
The Reason for Our Hope David Chong
God with Us Caleb Soon
The Holy One to be Born will be called the Son of God Ng Aik Khiam
Good News of Great Joy for All the People Wong Fong Yang
Christ the Wisdom of God Ian
The Whole of Creation Praise the LORD Unceasingly Phil
Divisions and Shadow of the Cross Wong Fong Yang
The Message of the Cross is God's Wisdom and Power Wong Fong Yang
Communicating God's Wisdom Caleb Soon
All Things are Yours! Wong Fong Yang
Do Not Go Beyond What Was Written Wong Fong Yang
Church Discipline Wong Fong Yang
Chinese New Year Message Ng Aik Khiam
Resolving Personal Disputes in the Church Caleb Soon
Sexual Purity of God's People Tan Kay Hoe
Intimacy with God: Growing Through the Years Caleb Soon
The Past: Healing the Wounds Caleb Soon
Failure: Closing a Chapter and Moving On Wong Fong Yang
Good Friday Caleb Soon
Easter Sunday message Caleb Soon
Marriage, Divorce and Pastoral Care Yee Siew Meng
Singleness Has Its Advantages Ng Aik Khiam
Significance of Belonging to Cell Groups Caleb Soon
Leaving a Lasting Legacy Wong Fong Yang