Date Title Scripture Preacher Sort descending
Changing and Unchanged Caleb Soon
The Lord's Supper Caleb Soon
The Challenges, Opportunities & Temptation in the Workplace Chew Hwei Yeow
Husband & Wife- Teamwork in the Marriage Cockpit Chew Hwei Yeow
Sharing in the Lord Chin Aik
Josiah's Reform: The recovery of God's word Chow Chee Yan
Gospel Centred Worship Chu Yong Yi
How About Tithing? 1 Chronicles 28 Curtis
Good out of Bad Esther 2 Curtis
Micah 7 Micah 7 Curtis
7th Commandment : No Adultery Exodus 20:12 Curtis
Luke 12 Kingdom Economy Luke 12:1-34 Curtis
Shut up Peter Acts 4:1-22 Curtis
What difference does Christ make? Romans 3:21-31 Curtis
Waves of Mercy Jonah 2 Curtis
A Changed City Jonah 3 Curtis
If it is of God, you cannot stop it Acts 5:17-42 Curtis
The Forerunner Luke 1:1-26 Curtis
God's Wrath on Unrighteousness Romans 1:16-32 Curtis
Mary's Song Luke 1 Curtis
Paul's testimony Acts 22 Curtis
Threatened Exodus 11 Curtis
The gospel to the Gentiles Acts 10 Curtis
The Church as a Worshipping Community 1 Pet 2:1-10 Curtis
The Lot is Cast Esther 8 - 10 Curtis