Date Sort ascending Title Scripture Preacher
The Farewell Acts 20:17-38 Tony Thavasilan
Being obedient to Declare the Gospel Acts 26 Yee Siew Meng
God shows His LOVE Romans 5:1-11 Yee Siew Meng
The HOPE of Christmas Yee Siew Meng
We rejoice in HOPE Romans 5:1-11 Yee Siew Meng
We have PEACE with God Romans 5:1-11 Curtis
Justified by FAITH Romans 5:1-11 Yee Siew Meng
Agents of the Gospel - Massimo Gei
Parables of the Kingdom of Heaven (part 2) - Yee Siew Meng
Parables of the Kingdom of Heaven (part 1) Matthew 13 Yee Siew Meng
Mission and Ministry John 4:1-26 Dave Kulp
What is Missions? - Tony Thavasilan
8th Commandment: You Shall Not Steal Exodus 20:15 Yee Siew Meng
10th Commandment: You shall not covet Exodus 20:16 Ong Meng Chai
9th Commandment: Telling the Truth Exodus 20:15 Tony Thavasilan
6th Commandment : You shall not murder Exodus 20:14 Yee Siew Meng
5th Commandment: First with a Promise Exodus 20:12 Yee Siew Meng
7th Commandment : No Adultery Exodus 20:12 Curtis
4th Commandment : Rest, Cease, Embrace, Feast Exodus 20:8-11 Yee Siew Meng
The Core of the 10 Commandments Exodus 20:1-7 Yee Siew Meng
19 comes before 20 as salvation comes before the law Exodus 19 Yee Siew Meng
Spiritual Leadership in the 21st Century Exodus 18 Nicholas Hor
Spiritual Friendships Colossians 4:7-18 David Whitehead
Water from the Rock Exodus 17 Yee Siew Meng
Bread from Heaven Exodus 16:1-20 Yee Siew Meng