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CDPC Family Camp 2019 Come join us for a time of Retreat, Fellowship and Spiritual Deepening Camp speaker : Massimo Gei
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CDPC Subang Jaya English and Mandarin Service Family Camp 2017

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CDPC Subang sent a team of 20 members on a Missions Trip to Siem Reap May 31st- June 3rd. Conducted a Vacation Bible Camp, and Medical talk for children of the School of Joy. Here's a video ..
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When the gospel comes home - when believers no longer have to maintain their image as competent and righteous - it naturally breaks down barriers that impede relationships and leads to authentic experiences of community with others. Pretense and evasion becomes unnecessary. The gospel creates a humility that makes every believer empathetic and patient with others. All of this enables relationships within the church to thicken and deepen. - Tim Keller, Center Church p.81
11 June 2019  
A very successful Men's Ministry Seminar on sexual purity held on Friday and Saturday at CDPC Subang. We like to thank our brothers from Agape Guys Ministry (AGM) who came up from Singapore to facilitate the sessions. A beneficial and fruitful 2 days for sure...
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The Mission Team to Siem Reap 2019 made sure we had time to pray and to play. #missiontosiemreap #ministryandmissionCDPC
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A team of 20 from CDPC Subang visited School of Joy in Siem Reap and conducted a Vacation Bible School (VBS) and Health Talk/Screening for 70 children. The three stations were organised around the story of the Bible: Creation and Fall, Redemption and Restoration. The children were so full of joy - it was contagious! #MissiontoCambodia #missionandministryCDPC
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Sign up here for the upcoming Men's Seminar : Finally Free
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Psalm 77 is a lament psalm. This Psalm is raw and brutally honest. The Psalmist struggles in his troubles only to see God's miracle in his comfort. It shows us that life is not always happy happy hunky dory... But we are not a people without hope!
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Sign up here for the Men's seminar, June 7th/8th
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An exposition of Stephen's sermon. Acts 7. Stephen turn the tables around on his accusers saying in essence; "Our fathers, they ain't that great! In fact they were idolators."
6 May 2019   » Read
Great seminar for young parents. Don't miss it! facillitators : Joseph Tan and Debra Yeoh
25 April 2019   » Read
Another Care Group (CG) is born. This group is "Cornetto". Many are graduates from our Connect Group. They seek to meet at church on Sunday...if interested please see Gabriel or Chor Hon.
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CDPC Subang family just got bigger. Welcome to the community!
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