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Discipleship Group (DG) is a small group of 3-4 people that meets regularly to foster spiritual friendship, encourage accountability, provide support and works towards building the larger, church-wide community.  Sign up below if you'd like to be part of a DG. 
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We are thankful that God has placed CDPC in a strategic location where we are surrounded by several colleges and universities. As such, we have many college students who are from other state / country that join us.

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May you have a blessed and grace filled reunion dinner with family and loved ones. If you're on the road here's a song for you to remember that you are loved with a love that cannot be earned and a love that cannot be lost! "Your grace that leads this sinner home From death to life forever And sings the song of righteousness By blood and not by merit Your grace that reaches far and wide To every tribe and nation Has called my heart to enter in The joy of Your salvation By grace I am redeemed By grace I am restored And now I freely walk Into the arms of Christ my Lord" Happy Chinese New Year to all who are celebrating!
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22 January 2020   » Read
22 January 2020   » Read
For those struggling to believe God is doing something new, here is a word for the new year... "Remember Not the Former Things"
6 January 2020   » Read
A great interview on Rhema Radio with Massimo Gei looking at the year gone by and a call to collaborate for the kingdom.
4 January 2020   » Read
For those missing a loved one or a close friend this new year here's an encouraging testimony for you.... "God made death so real but so the midst of this great sorrow there was so much joy because I could see the process of my grandfather entering into the gates, the streets of Gold...."
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29 December 2019   » Read
(To the tune of auld lang syne) Should nothing of our efforts stand No legacy survive Unless the Lord does raise the house In vain its builders strive To you who boast tomorrow's gain Tell me what is your life A mist that vanishes at dawn All glory be to Christ! All glory be to Christ our king! All glory be to Christ! His rule and reign will ever sing All glory be to Christ! His will be done His kingdom come On earth as is above Who is Himself our daily bread Praise Him the Lord of love Let living water satisfy The thirsty without price We'll take a cup of kindness yet All glory be to Christ! All glory be to Christ our king! All glory be to Christ! His rule and reign will ever sing All glory be to Christ! When on the day the great I Am The faithful and the true The Lamb who was for sinners slain Is making all things new Behold our God shall live with us And be our steadfast light And we shall ere his people be All glory be to Christ! All glory be to Christ our king! All glory be to Christ! His rule and reign will ever sing All glory be to Christ!
29 December 2019   » Read
CDPC Subang Christmas Eve dinner. Here are the photos:
26 December 2019   » Read
This should shock us that "the WORD (logos) became FLESH (sarx) and dwelt among us...He is not a God who watches our messy world from His throne in heaven. No! He is a God who rolled up His sleeves and pitched his tent in the middle of our mess!" If you wanna know more about the reason for Christmas- come to our Christmas Eve party (details in the profile picture)
23 December 2019   » Read
Photos from 10 years ago and from Saturday's celebration. Thankful for a decade of God's grace. "On very rare occasions we are enchanted by a beautiful rainbow in the sky. Well the rainbow occurs in a partnership between the sun and water particles. Only in a light drizzle when the sun's rays hit the water particles, light is defrayed into a myriad of beautiful colors. 10 years ago, 3 parties came together in partnership and the result is YOU, a beautiful rainbow in the sky - the #Makasih community." - Ps. Meng The photos are here :
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Makasih celebrated it's 10th Anniversary on Saturday in conjunction with our annual Christmas party. This is a tribute to the fathers and mother's and caregivers of our Makasih parents who provide care and love for their special children 24/7. It is Makasih's joy and privilege to play a small part in your journey caring for these precious little ones. "I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well." Psalm 139 #makasihfamily #decadeoffaithfulness #whatnext
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16 December 2019   » Read
Sex (male and female) is not simply biological or genetic, just as being human is not simply biological or genetic. Sex is first and foremost a spiritual and ontological reality created by God. Being male or female cannot be changed by human hands; sex is a category of God’s handiwork — his original and everlasting design.
15 December 2019   » Read
Join us for our traditional Christmas Eve Dinner and Service. A night of carols, food and friendships.
7 December 2019   » Read
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