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Sundays 8:30 AM

Weekly Activities

Activity Day and Time
English Service Sunday, 11:00 am
Mandarin Service Sunday, 8:30 am
Sunday School Sunday, 11:30 am
Youth Ministry Sunday, 1:00 pm
College Ministry Thursday, 8:30 pm
Care Groups Friday, 8:30 pm
Makasih 1st, 2nd & 3rd Sat., 10:00 am
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Sunday 1 March
SCRIPTURE Exodus 27:1-19
AV CREW Mei Yoon, Chee Wai
Holy Communion will be observed
Recycling collection is on

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 "God's presence in the Tabernacle, fulfilled in Christ, realized in the Church, brought to the world." Come, see and hear the significance of the Tabernacle for us today. Sunday Family Worship Service 11am . W-10-2 Subang Square. Last weeks'sermon: https://subangjaya.cdpc.org.my/sermon/2020/02/16/965…
 Ps John Piper will be in town. Gospel Essentials Date: Leaders Seminar : 26th March (Thurs), 9.00am - 6.00pm Evening Talks : 26th & 27th March (Thurs & Fri), 7.00pm - 10.00pm Venue: Heritage Center, Seksyen 13, Petaling Jaya, Selangor Register for Gospel Essentials here... https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeXdN09qQBTh7I7bIVEn5K6H3gSsm1JGflJ2LFs3w4UhnBDjw/viewform…
 CDPC Subang (English Service) @ 11am Come see, hear and experience the presence of God Credit : Daniel Tan…
 Please sign up here... http://bit.ly/cdpcacademy2020…
 Men of Courage - Larry Crabb Book Review An excellent book that frames men’s common struggles in Biblical theology. From creation to chaos and beginning with Genesis Crabb takes the time to anchor how God had actually designed men before the fall. “The Genesis creation story never affirms the violence and demanding sexual appetite of men. Instead the story gives a rich portrait of what men and women were in perfect state and what they could be if they lived in the image of God.” (Pg 88) He then provides a convicting answer to why men remain silent when they should enter the chaos and speak into the darkness. He describes men as either authentic or inauthentic. In chapters 10 & 11 he deals with how inauthentic men function. He describes the either extremes of a "passion for neediness" or a "passion for toughness". So as in a continuum, the passion for neediness would show a man who is more sensitive than strong. On the other end of the continuum, one ruled by toughness you will find a man more strong than sensitive. In the middle is the perfectly balanced man where our Lord Jesus sits. While I have to admit his observation and narration of this two inauthentic man are spot on and revealing, I however think striking a balance in the middle is not the solution nor looking at Jesus as the perfect example of an authentic man is. He misses the opportunity to rest the two extremes in the gospel and man’s sinful motivation. Looking at Jesus obedience on the cross without mentioning His redeeming work for inauthentic men, misses the opportunity to make this chapter fully rested on the power of the gospel to change us. However Crabb concludes in his last 2 chapters with a powerful application of the gospel. The three men who contributed to the book close off with their story and it is powerful to say the least. This book is urgently needed in the hands of men, pastors and elders in churches today! I highly recommend it for men to study this book together.…
 A special Sunday as we celebrate Ps Wong Fong Yang birthday on 02022020. Ps Wong has been our pastor for 20 years and we love him.…
 May you have a blessed and grace filled reunion dinner with family and loved ones. If you're on the road here's a song for you to remember that you are loved with a love that cannot be earned and a love that cannot be lost! "Your grace that leads this sinner home From death to life forever And sings the song of righteousness By blood and not by merit Your grace that reaches far and wide To every tribe and nation Has called my heart to enter in The joy of Your salvation By grace I am redeemed By grace I am restored And now I freely walk Into the arms of Christ my Lord" Happy Chinese New Year to all who are celebrating! https://open.spotify.com/track/2AAbJImGCIQ4WeDF8rnaEa?si=TB_rk_KuTl62HNg2HgFFhg…