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CDPC Subang Jaya English and Mandarin Service Family Camp 2017

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"Unless people with faith get behind fixing the planet, it is not going to happen”.
6 January 2019   » Read
You can listen to our series on Romans 5:1-11. Advent Themes for December Justified by FAITH PEACE with God Rejoice in HOPE Christmas Eve message : The HOPE of Christmas God shows His LOVE
30 December 2018   » Read
We stand at the edge of 2018. For some it's been good and for some it's been bad ... But whether good or bad we know that our Lord is in the center of it all and we have much to thank God for. All glory be to Christ What's your highs and lows and what has God taught you?
27 December 2018  
CDPC Christmas Eve Celebration 2018. We celebrate a Hope that will not disappoint because God's love has been poured (Not trickled or sprinkled but Poured) into our hearts through the Holy Spirit. (Romans 5) #HopeofChristmas #youthpower #talithacumi
25 December 2018   » Read
CDPC women celebrating Christmas 2018 with #MarrianeLiaw #thisishowwedoit #womenofvalue
25 December 2018   » Read
CDPC College and youth celebrate Christmas 2018. #thisishowwedoit #sharetheluurve #MerryChristmastoall
25 December 2018   » Read
"This is our great hope at Christmas, and the hope we have to share with those who are grieving at Christmas .... Tears are not the enemy. Tears do not reflect a lack of faith. Tears are a gift from God that help to wash away the deep pain of loss."
24 December 2018   » Read
"You may see and hear the jingle bells,the joy to the world and the cheery Christmas songs that would only be true and meaningful to us if we come to know the Hope of Christmas" Join us tomorrow 24th Dec at 7.30 Dinner and Service
23 December 2018   » Read
"Thank the Lord for sculpting us through today’s persecution! May the Lord give us great joy and true hope and make us strong through reliance on him" Rejoicing in suffering!! We pray for the elders in the Early Rain Covenant Church
15 December 2018   » Read
The issue isn’t whether we are full of faith but whether we have any faith. . . . A small amount of faith is sufficient because the focus is not on our faith but its object.
14 December 2018   » Read
Come to CDPC Subang Christmas eve dinner and service.
12 December 2018   » Read
CDPC Subang continues to serve the community by providing a monthly playgroup for children with learning disabilities. Makasih also runs a toy library and a teenager life skill class. This video summarises our services and activities in 2017-2018
11 December 2018   » Read
8 week Sermon series on the 10 Commandments: The Core: 4th Commandment: 5th Commandment 6th Commandment 7th Commandment 8th Commandment 9th Commandment 10th Commandment
10 December 2018   » Read
Praise the Lord. As of today the total missions giving stands at Rm58,878 (Rm29,227 for home missions + Rm29,651 for SOJ) We are aiming still at Rm100,000 (Rm50,000 for home missions + Rm50,000 for SOJ) by the months end. Please pray along with us.
29 November 2018   » Read
It trully is a beautiful Gospel. It gives us a hope that's outta of this world! Watch this moving story...
27 November 2018   » Read
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