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CDPC Subang Jaya English and Mandarin Service Family Camp 2017

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Worshipping the Lord and listening to His Word on the Lord's Day. #ceasing #resting #embracing #feasting #simplicity #hymns #glassceiling
16 September 2018   » Read
Please be informed that tomorrow's English Service at 11am will be held on the ground floor concourse of Subang Square. This is because of the Tenaga power cut for the whole of Subang Square from 10am Sunday to 5pm Monday. Let's come together to worship our Lord and King. Sermon : The 4th Commandment
15 September 2018   » Read
Podcast for previous sermons : Location :
11 September 2018   » Read
Three quick reminders for worried Christians from Desiring God: 1. God upholds the universe by the word of his power. 2. He will not let anything happen that will not work for our good. 3. We will gain nothing by our worry.
10 September 2018  
"19 before 20 Salvation before the Law". Listen to last week's sermon here ......
5 September 2018   » Read
"The truth is, there are always people more qualified. Someone does know their Bible better. Some are more humble, selfless, and equipped to lead. But when the all-wise Creator, who calls who he wills, beckons us to speak, serve, and act, it is our joyful lot to obey"
24 August 2018   » Read
Glad to have Rev David Whitehead this morning sharing on Spiritual Friendships Colossians 4:7-18 #gospellingtogether #growingdeeper #doinglifetogether
19 August 2018   » Read
Go Deeper in our discipleship of one another through conversations. "Intentionally gospelling life through focused conversations about one another's relational, personal, missional and spiritual life." - Dr Tom Wood #connecting #reviewing #objective #strategy #supplication
18 August 2018   » Read
One more week... Sign up now.
12 August 2018   » Read
7 August 2018   » Read
We continue our journey through EXODUS. Join us this Sunday at CDPC Subang 11am.
3 August 2018   » Read
Check out the video promo for the Go Deeper Conference and sign up at :
26 July 2018   » Read
As we celebrate 18 years, we are interviewing people who make up the family of CDPC. Here is the story of Naga, a homeless poor who found Christ and his family here. #thisiscdpc
12 July 2018   » Read
CDPC Subang Missions to Mangaldan, Pangisanan in the Phillipines. 24 of us for 6 days; 5 puppet shows, inspection and opening of a lay-by and rest area and a medical camp seeing 600 people. A great experience for all of us and a trip to remember. To God be the glory, great things He hath done.
3 July 2018   » Read
The Phillipines mission team 2018
3 July 2018   » Read
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