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How do we equip ourselves to be good disciplers of one another? We want to help you become equipped to have more meaningful and fruitful conversations about your faith with your Christian friends.
Gospel Transformation Camp |
CDPC Subang Jaya English and Mandarin Service Family Camp 2017

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As we celebrate 18 years, we are interviewing people who make up the family of CDPC. Here is the story of Naga, a homeless poor who found Christ and his family here. #thisiscdpc
12 July 2018   » Read
CDPC Subang Missions to Mangaldan, Pangisanan in the Phillipines. 24 of us for 6 days; 5 puppet shows, inspection and opening of a lay-by and rest area and a medical camp seeing 600 people. A great experience for all of us and a trip to remember. To God be the glory, great things He hath done.
3 July 2018   » Read
The Phillipines mission team 2018
3 July 2018   » Read
If we are what we see, may we fight to reclaim our sight and set our gaze on things that are true and holy.
25 June 2018   » Read
Join us at Subang at 11am in our journey through the Exodus. Exodus12 "putting away the leaven"
8 June 2018   » Read
Did you know you can listen to the sermon here:
31 May 2018   » Read
Here's a resource for parents:
30 May 2018   » Read
CDPC Subang Ladies' Brunch - Good Fellowship = Fun, Food, Friendships
27 May 2018   » Read
The most sublime joys involve more tears than smiles. Laughter is, at times, not an indicator of joy, but simply an overflow of misery.
22 May 2018   » Read
MID WEEK SERVICE #73: > Listen: " Ecclesiastes / Faith in a VUCA World " - Dr Leong Tien Fock ( CDPC ) Song: Hezekiah Asim - Ku MenyambahMu Tuhan > More Midweek Services:
11 May 2018   » Read
Nothing affects preaching more deeply than to be struck almost speechless — almost — by the passion of God for the glory of God.
5 May 2018   » Read
CDPC in prayer and intercession for Malaysia as she goes into the 14th General Elections
1 May 2018   » Read
CDPC College Students Bowling nite. College students Come Join us!!
28 April 2018   » Read
"Sadly many people will stand before God thinking they are fine because they have a good Christian resume"
27 April 2018   » Read
"What’s the light of the world? Murmur-free. Christians who don’t complain are the light of the world." ...but in this consumeristic society we feel we have to fight for our rights.. bad service, I'll treated, marginalised.. on an on we whimp on!! We are not much different then the slaves who were freed from Egypt.
25 April 2018   » Read
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