AV Crew

You probably do not see us around much, - but we are there behind the scenes.

The goals of the CDPC Audio Visual team are:

  1. Express - Share the message using various media. We create multimedia presentations to convey an awareness to the people.
  2. Support - Extend the reach of other ministries. We use different media to help other ministries serve better.
  3. Enhance - Contribute to a rich worship experience. By using different media to help bring the people into a deeper and meaningful worship experience with God.

What do we do?

We create special video presentations of topics of interest or updates to the church - be it weddings, camps, retreats, mission trips or anything worth sharing.

We video and/or photo shoot any special events in church for keepsakes.

We provide audio and visual support and enhancement in church, and outside if required.

We also create designs that add visual aesthetics to any special events e.g. church camp, anniversary, Christmas, etc.

And yes, we also operate and maintain CDPC.org.my !

Creative or technical-savvy individuals are welcome to join the team!

Contact person(s)
Eric Cheong