Care Groups

CDPC Care Groups are meant to provide community living, maintain accountability, demonstrate patience and faithful discipleship, promote spiritual growth and do evangelism within the context of small groups.

New Dawn (Bandar Utama/Subang Jaya)
Day/Time: alternate Saturdays, 6pm
Leaders: Edward Ling

SS 14 (Subang Jaya)
Day/Time: every Friday, 9pm
Leader: Mark Lim

Kairos (Level 2, CDPC)
Day/Time: alternate Fridays, 9pm
Leader: Eugene See

Ohana (Level 2, CDPC)
Day/Time: alternate Saturdays, 5pm
Leader: Kelvin Chaw, Mario

Day/Time: alternate Fridays, 9.30pm
Leader: Yap Hoong Huat

Kota Kemuning
Day/Time: alternate Fridays, 8pm
Leader: David Lim

Day/Time: alternate Wednesdays, 9pm
Leaders: Gabriel, Chor Hon

College Students (Level 2, CDPC)
Day/Time: every Thursday, 7:30pm
Leaders: Curtis, Nicholas Hor

Care Group Duty Roster

Contact person(s)
Kelvin Chaw