CG Duty

Sunday CG Duty


10:30 AM

  • Prepare the Sanctuary

    • Tidy chairs and clear rubbish
    • Set air-conditioning temperature to 23°C and fan speed 3
  • Usher

    • Place welcome board at ground floor
    • Station 2 persons at Sanctuary entrance to welcome people
    • Usher people to fill seats at front and fill in gaps
    • Place barricades at last 3 rows
  • Prepare middle hall for lunch

    • Set up tables and chairs
    • Ensure lift 18 (W-9-2) is switched on, if not please get security to do so

During Service

11:00 AM

  • Welcome and Announcement

    • Distribute welcome pack to visitors
  • Usher

    • Guide late people to their seats
    • Perform headcount at 11:25 AM, and record in attendance book
    • 4 persons to collect the offering, keep in Ps. Meng's office and lock door


12:00 PM

  • Visitors

    • Collect visitor feedback form and drop it into admin letter box
    • Make friends and invite them to lunch
  • Lunch

    • Serving line (4 to 6 persons)
    • Wash containers and throw rubbish
    • Wipe and keep all tables and chairs
  • Welcome board

    • Collect welcome board from ground floor

Special Notes

  • Holy Communion will be observed on the first Sunday of each month
  • Counting of offering is no longer required