CDPC was established in July 2000 AD.

In response to a clear vision from God, Rev. Wong Fong Yang left his pastoral ministry in Batu Pahat after 13 fruitful years. Pastor Caleb Soon also shared the same vision. Together the two families planted the church in the Klang Valley. Subsequently Pastor Aik Khiam joined them. Since then, God has continued to assemble His team, bringing together people with unique gifts and talents.

The church has grown remarkably. Ninety percent of the congregation comprises young professionals as well as university and college students. Young families have also been drawn into CDPC. The long term goal of CDPC is to produce disciples who will influence and shape the agenda of the nation in the major aspects of politics, journalism, multi-media, science, education and market economy. Furthermore, CDPC would involve in world evangelism by sending out tent-makers and missionaries.

Join us now in this exciting adventure to make disciples of all nations by winning the community of Subang Jaya, USJ and Petaling Jaya for Christ.