First Commandment with a Promise

Yee Siew Meng

Scripture: Exodus 20:12

If we are able to honour our parents at home, we will be able to respect all the other authorities that God has placed in our lives.

We honour our parents by obeying them genuinely. The fact that they are neither perfect nor always right does not matter, what matters is that they are our parents. Jesus obeyed his earthly parents.

Older children should forgive their parents for their wrongs, knowing that they are also sinners like us. By seeking their advice in major life decisions, we are also honouring our parents. Speak well to them, and speak well of them. Try posting something positive about your parents on Facebook.

As parents - the goal of parenting is not to make our children happy, but to keep them within the circle of blessing and safety. Let older children go and learn on their own, and be around to advise.