The Asaph Series : When the Earth totters

Yee Siew Meng

Scripture: Psalm 75


1) Assume everyone has heard the sermon, if not encourage everyone to listen to it online

2) Read the text once together

3) Take time to discuss the questions and allow for follow on related questions.

4) Dont hurry in answering the questions - Allow sufficient time for discussions


1) What did  you learn from this Psalm? How does knowing what you know now shape the way you live?

2) When you encounter arrogant people or those who speak with "haughty neck" what attitude can you have ad what can you say or do towards them?

3) Read Revelation 14:9-10

    Discuss the fate of those who drinks the cup of wrath.

    Read Matthew 26:39 

   Discuss what it means and its implications to us.  

   What should our response be?

4) Pray a prayer of thanksgiving.

    Pray for Ps Wang Li and the persecuted church in China and for those who oppress them.