Justice, Mercy and Grace

Yee Siew Meng

Scripture: Exodus 39


1) How did the sermon resonate with you?  What did you identify with most or resonated with you in the sermon?

2) What are some things that people do (sin, habits) that you think is intolerable or that irritates you the most? How do you think Justice is best served for these people?  How hard is it to show these people mercy or extend grace to them?

3) IF you were God, will you be able to forgive Aaron and to show him mercy and then to make him Priest over your people? What would you have done instead?

What do you think about what God did (making Aaron Priest over Israel and adorning him with Priestly garments)

4) Read Luke 7:41-48   What does this story teach us about Justice, Mercy and Grace?  How can we apply it to our lives.