No Excuse All of You

Yee Siew Meng

Scripture: Romans 2:1-16


1) Paul says "YOU" is stubborn and unrepentant heart and they have made two excuses :  "YOU presume upon the kind, gracious and patient God." V. 5-11

- How do we do the same things? How do we presume upon the gracious and patient God today?

2) The second excuse is "we have the law of God, born under the law of Moses, circumcised." V. 12-15

- How do you see this playing out in our modern day Christian Church?  What kind of attitude is common in people like that?

3) Read Matthew 5:17-37  What does this say about the law? What does this say about us?  

4) What is the point of this passage V. 1 - 16 ?  

5) If the point is that which ends in Romans 3:20; what then is our hope? Where can we find it?