Our True Worship

Yee Siew Meng

Scripture: Isaiah 58:1-7, 13,14


  1. In your consideration, do you think it is easy to worship God like V. 2  without realizing our hearts true intentions?
    Why do you think it is easier to worship God this way then to be obedient to do Justice, to love mercy ad to walk humbly? 
  2. V. 6 clearly refers to speaking up for the voiceless or the weak (ie. marginalised, with disabilities, poor, refugees).
    Share how each of us could do this in our work places or schools or in the public square.
  3. V. 6&7  The things that are God's priorities : Justice, food, clothe, and shelter...
    Discuss the possibility of a CG project this Christmas
  4. The speaker gave a word of caution at the end; that there are two ways to serve the quartet of the vulnerable. 
    See it as another thing to add on the list to do OR see it as a delightful worship to God.   Why is this important.
  5. Split into pairs and pray for one another.