Truth, Tears, Trials

Yee Siew Meng

Scripture: Acts 20


1) We saw how Paul's ministry of the Word impacted the cities and churches he was ministering.  In your opinion are churches today faithfully preaching the Word of God in public and house to house?  How have you grown or benefited from the preaching and teaching of the Word of God in public on Sunday and from house to house in your own life?  Reflect over the months/years.

2) The speaker talked about "Self salvation project."   In your opinion why is this often our default "go to" mode?  

3) The speaker said; "We can be vulnerable, we can expose ourselves and we can live among each other as Paul did in V. 18" -  In your own words describe how an understanding of the gospel will allow you to serve one another from humility and tears and be open to share your sins and struggles. 

4) "We need this kind of friendships in the ministry who understands the gospel of grace - who we could walk together and pray together so that Truth can be received, Tears can be shared and Trials can be carried."  if you have had a friend like this share how this friendship has been a blessing. 

5) Pray for one another that we would have relationships like this in the church. Pray for your CGs that it would be a safe place where this can be practiced.