Disappointment with God

Leong Tien Fock

Scripture: Psalm 44

Christians throughout the ages have known suffering for the sake of Jesus.

We must know how to draw strength from the Scriptures when suffering, especially when undeserved, befall us.

This is one of the many psalms where the psalmist expressed disappointment and impatience with God.

It is a good sign to be honest and to get upset with God, because we acknowledge that:

  • He is all-powerful and is in control - and He has allowed it to happen to us.
  • He is all-knowing - we do not need to worry if He will misunderstand our prayers.
  • He is all-loving

We need to search our hearts to know why we suffer. If it is a consequence of our own doing, getting upset with God shows that we refuse to acknowledge our sin.

Being honest with God brings us closer in our relationship with Him. A God who uses undeserved suffering for higher purposes. Do we want to believe in this God?