The Asaph Series: Ps78 Investing in the Next generation

Yee Siew Meng

Scripture: Psalm 78


1) READ PSALM 78:1-25

2) What is the thrust/main theme of this Psalm?  What does God want us to learn?  Discuss

3) The Psalmist in verse 7-8a begins with "SO THAT".  The reason we do V. 1-6 is so that the young will I) HOPE IN GOD, II) NOT FORGET THE GOSPEL (The works of God) III) KEEP HIS COMMANDMENTS.    How do we practically promote each of these in church, youth group or home?  Discuss

4) Throughout the Psalm we see God coming through with His grace and mercy inspite of a complaining, ungrateful and forgetful people.  How can we be encouraged in seeing God's grace and mercy shown to the people of Israel?

5) Break into small groups and pray for the youth in church and in Malaysia