A significant milestone in the church : Grace or Law

Yee Siew Meng

Scripture: Acts 15:1-21

Discussion Questions

1) There are two ways to be saved V.1&v11G Grace or Law of Moses. Discuss practically what each of them looks like.

2) The speaker said we often know how to live by grace in our heads but struggle to live it out in our lives. Describe situations which you find this happening in your life...

3) v 31 said the Gentile believers "Rejoiced because of the encouragement" when they read the letter.  Why do you think they were so encouraged?

4) the idea with the requirements mentioned in the letter is for the Gentiles not to defile themselves which would make it hard for the Jewish brothers to fellowship with them. What are ways we can learn to give deferrence to one another in church? 


Pray for our church and for one another.