Living in Community with our gifts

Wong Fong Yang

Scripture: Romans 12:3-21

Romans 12:3-8 God gives us Spiritual Gifts


1) What spiritual gifts have God given you?  How have you used it in serving the church?  (Share it in groups of 3 or in the larger group.)

2) According to the preacher, what is the purpose that God has given a variety of gifts to the church?  "Not all are noses, or not all are eyes."  1 Cor 12:14-26, Eph 4:11-13

3) What do you think of this statement : "People (in CDPC) tend to think too little of themselves." (that's why they are reluctant to serve.)  

4)  How can we sharpen one another and help each other mature in our gifts?  Discuss.

5) Pray for one another that we would use our gifts well to serve the local church and the greater community.  Pray for the church that we would all know and exercise our gifts for the building up of each other.