Church, Mission, Disabilities

Peter Rowan

Scripture: Luke 4:14-21

13 Oct 2019 Kingdom Manifesto: Church, Mission and Disability.

  1. "Jesus identifies himself with the 'norm peoples', 'the nobodys', He started with the new community with the 'norm peoples'. (Galileans) If we are to follow Jesus' ministry by going to the periphery, reaching out to those in the margins - how would we change how we live or how would we do ministry any different?
  2. Have you known anyone who have lived with disability or have you had any experience with it personally? Discuss and share. How has your own definition of ‘disabilities’ evolved over the years?
  3. Luke 14:16ff, Jesus read from Isaiah 61. Does the words mean physical restoration for all persons with disabilities? If not, then what did Jesus mean?
  4. The speaker said that “so many people with disabilities are told that their impairment is due to personal sin, lack of faith or unwillingness to be healed. We deny that the Bible teaches this as a universal truth (John 9:1-3)”.  How do you feel about that? How should we respond to a statement like this?
  5. The speaker asserts that 80% of persons with disabilities will reside in developing countries. Serving the disabled will take away some of the great plans we have for ourselves. Share stories of people you may have known who have dedicated their life to such a work of caring for those in the margins or the disabled (physically or mentally).
  6. Pray for Makasih ministry to the families with special needs.  Pray for God to show us how we can personally be involved in serving the disabled community.