Repairers and Restorers

Yee Siew Meng

Scripture: Isaiah 58:8-14


  1. Discuss how evidence of the "Fall" is seen in your workplace, neighborhood, relationships, college, country.
  2. "We as Kingdom community with the gospel (good news of Jesus Christ) embody God's renewing power in politics and citizenship, economics and business, education and scholarship, family and neighborhood, media and art, leisure and play."  - Discuss how the we as Kingdom Community can impact each of the above mentioned areas.
  3. V. 9 says you call and he shall answer you and say, "Here am I."  The speaker alludes this to Eden when God walked with man and enjoyed sweet fellowship. How important is it for us today to experience this as Kingdom Community in a fallen world? Explain.
  4. Break into groups of 3.  
    V. 12 says your ancient ruins shall be rebuilt and you shall raise up the foundations of many generations.  Share your own childhood story and how since coming to Christ God has brought healing to you and your family (ancient ruins)  such that future generations shall be blessed.  
  5. Pray for one another.