Gospel Movement in the City

Yee Siew Meng

Scripture: Acts 19


1) How have you or your family personally benefited from the Ministry of the Word at CDPC? How else can each of us grow in being students of the Word of God? 

2) The speaker talked about some of the idols of our hearts: The idol of control, power, comfort, approval of man...and how it affects our relationships. Can we dialogue through each of the idols (what it looks like) and share as close as possible some of your personal experiences and struggles with any of those idols. (An opportunity to be open and transparent to one another.)

3) Discuss the Thomas Chalmers statement, "Neither they nor anyone else can dispossess the heart of an old affection, but by the expulsive power of a new one – and, if that new affection be the love of God, neither they nor anyone else can be made to entertain it, but on such a representation of the Deity, as shall draw the heart of the sinner towards Him.” - Thomas Chalmers. How might this new affection (The Gospel) work in pushing out an old habit or a persistent sin or addiction?

4) Break into groups of 3 and pray for one another. If you have an idol you're struggling with or a personal prayer request - share and pray for one another.