Paul's testimony


Scripture: Acts 22


1)  Paul's prior CONFIDENCE (v. 3-5) :

-  A Jew born in Tarsus in Cilicia : His heritage

- Educated at the feet of Gamaliel : His education

- According to the strict manner of the law of our fathers : piety

- I persecuted the Way to the death - His zeal and passion for Judaism

Discuss how we may be tempted to find our righteousness in the same way today... Our heritage (race, culture, traditions), Our education (or our children's education), Our piety, even our zeal and passion.  These are good things but easily become our confidence.


2) V. 14 Ananias said; "The God of our fathers appointed you to know His will, to see the "Righteous One" and to hear from His mouth."  

Share your story of conversion or how you came to see Christ as the Righteous One.  Contrast your story between finding your righteousness in "Paul's prior confidence" Vs. finding your righteousness in the Righteous One.


3) V. 21 God said to Moses; "Go, for I will send you far away to the Gentiles."   Share with the group who it is that God wants you to go to to?  Mention the names and relationship to you.


4) Pray together for each of the names that you want to go to and think of a way that your CG could reach out to all these names.  Perhaps a CG Christmas party for example.