The Process of Adoption

Yee Siew Meng

Scripture: John 1:9-12


1) Discuss the apparent contradiction as pointed out by the speaker.  Are we saved through "Christ righteousness" or are we saved as a result of God's sovereign will?

2) The speaker spoke of a life as an orphan.  What is the difference between an orphan and a child with a family?  (In how he feels, how he is treated, how he lives)  

3) What are some ways we live like orphans instead of adopted sons and daughters in God's kingdom?

4) Children have free and full access to Mom and dad at any time of the day, in every season of life. Do you feel like you have that kind of access to God as your heavenly father?

or Do you feel like you must earn his attention or concern?

5) As Christians we have an assurance that we are going to heaven because it is the will of God and because of the finished work of Christ.  How does this assurance affect how we live from day to day?  

6) Break up into pairs (not related to one another) - share your struggles of how you  might live as orphans instead of as a child of God.  Pray for each other.