The Gospel according to Isaiah

Stephen Tan

Scripture: Isaiah 6


1) Describe God's holiness in your own words.   Do you see God's holiness as glorious or terrifying?

2) On a scale of 1-10 (1 being utterly sinful and 10 being God's Holiness) and in light of God's holiness,  where would you see yourself and why?

3) Isaiah was a man of unclean lips and he lived among a people of unclean lips. In what ways have you lived as a person of unclean lips? 

4) Hope of Salvation: How does God deal with the horror of our sin and help us appreciate the holiness of God?  


The Gospel of Jesus Christ is for those who see their depravity and their sin before a Holy God. Like Isaiah who was undone before God.

Salvation is fully by faith in the redeeming work of Jesus Christ for us on the cross and not by any measure of our good works.  If we think we have any measure of good in us, then we do not need Christ in those areas of our lives.  The truth is we desperately need Christ in EVERY sphere of our lives.

Pray for one another to know Christ deeply and to know our hearts.  Confess our sins and pray for one another.