The Altar in the Courtyard

David Lim

Scripture: Exodus 27:1-19


  1. What role did the altar of burnt offering play in tabernacle worship?
    (For example, Lev 4:32-35) 
  2. “Worship requires forgiveness.”
    What are ways in which we forget or gloss over this truth in our worship / church practices? 
    How can we incorporate the idea forgiveness and repentance in our worship to God? 
    Look at 1 John 1:19, Matthew 18:15, James 5:16
  3. “Forgiveness is costly, but the precious blood of Christ has atoned for our sins in full.”
    Do you have an assurance of your salvation, or do you live a life trying to be a better Christian for God (as if needing to earn his acceptance)?
    Discuss the difference and some of the challenges.
  4. Read Romans 12:1-2. 
    Paul calls us to offer our bodies as a living sacrifice.
    How does Exodus 27 help you understand this verse better?
    Discuss opportunities in which we can be ‘living sacrifices’ in our daily lives.
  5. Please pray for one another to live a life worthy of the Gospel reflecting the love of Christ in each of our lives.