Joy in Trials

John Chung

Scripture: James 1:1-18

Read James 1:2-8

1. What does James teach believers about facing trials? What is the purpose of trials and how is it possible to consider it pure joy whenever we face trials?

2. Why is it important to ask God for wisdom when we face trials? How should we approach God?    Read James 1:9-11

3. Do you agree that poverty and wealth can be a form of trial, i.e. God uses them to test our faith? What encouragement and warning does James give to the poor person and the rich person?

4. What does God promise to believers who have persevered under trial and have stood the test? How does this encourage you to live your Christian life faithfully?

5. What challenges or difficulties are you facing personally, in your family or workplace? Does it make you doubt God's goodness? Share with the person next to you and pray for one another for grace to overcome them.