Never Too Young

Yee Siew Meng

Scripture: 1 Timothy 4:12

Discussion Questions

1) if you are a youth (15yrs -30yrs) describe your challenges in working with people older than you.  How you feel disadvantaged? 

If you are 31 and older describe your challenges working with youth. 

2) Job 32:6-12. How do you feel about what Elihu said?  

3) Jeremiah 1:7 Why do you think youths lack confidence and interest in doing things that are challenging or difficult? 

4) How can we encourage youths to step up to be "an example in speech and conduct, in love and faith and in purity? List down several ideas and discuss a way your CG could empower your youths. 

5) pray for one another and for the youths in CDPC