The Courtyard to God

Yee Siew Meng

Scripture: Exodus 38


1)  What strikes you the most from the sermon from Exodus 38 last Sunday.  Share whatever is new to you to you or what you learn?


2) What do you think is the expectation of a worshiper as he enters the Courtyard and is confronted with the Bronze Altar and Bronze Laver? 

 How would it be similar for us today with  John 10:9 which says "I am the door, those who come in through me will be saved" referring to Jesus?  


3) As an Israelite worshiper you place your hand on the animal which transfers/imputes your sins and your family's sins onto the animal who will then die in your place.  What lessons does God want us to draw from this sacrifice on the brazen altar?

How does it line up with the sacrifice of Christ on the cross?


4) What is the equivalent of the Bronze Laver in our salvation today under Christ?  Why is it necessary for our sanctification?


5)  Read Hebrews 4:12

How is the Word of God like a mirror to you?  What can the Word of God do?  How is the Word of God effective in changing our hearts?