When Glory Came Down

John Chung

Scripture: Exodus 40

Sure. Here you go.

1. What can you learn about Moses' attitude in setting up the tabernacle and carrying out the tasks that God instructed him to do? (Note the repeated use of the phrase "as the Lord had commanded Moses" in verses 18-32.)

2. Aaron and his sons were annointed for priestly service despite Aaron's earlier sin. What does it tell you about God's character?

3. God manifesting his glory and dwelling with the Israelites is the highlight of Exodus. What is the significance of this?

4. God guided the Israelites in the wilderness by providing the cloud and fire. How does God guide His people today?

5. Read Revelation 21:1-5. What parallels with Exodus 40:34-38 do you see? How does it encourage you in your walk with Christ?