God's Community in Praying

Yee Siew Meng

Scripture: Philippians 1:3-11


1)  Share what you learn that was new about prayer or that you thought was helpful for you.  

2) How does praying with thanksgiving endear our hearts to one another in community?  Do you think it is possible to do this for those you cant get along with or dislike?

3) Praying with understanding says that "we pray in tandem or in cooperation with the Holy Spirit."  If you were to pray for CDPC how would you pray?  What do you think the Holy Spirit is doing in CDPC and in your CG?

4) List down the things you discern God is doing in our church in the various ministries.  Lets pray aloud together.

5) Also, name a few people (colleagues, classmates, neigbors)  that you could pray for as a CG.  Either people who are sick, discouraged or unbelievers - Pray that Christ will be real to them.