Two ways to live. Which will you choose?

Yee Siew Meng

Scripture: Romans 7

Discussion Questions 

1) Romans 7:5-6. What are the two ways to live? Describe how these two ways look like in your life. Think of real life examples. 

2) "Whenever we are told we can't do something, it becomes the very thing we want to do more than anything else." What has your experience been on this statement? 

The law on sinful passions (hearts) = death

3) The new way of the Spirit is not religion (doing good to obtain God's approval) but rather doing good because we have God's approval. 

How does this motivate us to live holy lives, to do good and to serve one another out of humility?

4) The speaker spoke about confession and being "chief repenter". Why is confessing our sins to one another important? What does it do for us? How does it built community?