God loves us as His children

Yee Siew Meng

Scripture: Romans 8:28-39


1) Read Rom 8:15 and 1 John 3: 1.  Why is this doctrine of Adoption according to the speaker so important?  How does it make you feel? What difference does it make in the way you live your Christian life?

2) Satan seeks a charge against us.  Sometimes we feel unworthy and find it difficult to forgive ourselves.    How do we find comfort in Rom 8:33

3) Satan seeks to condemn us - sometimes through harsh words from those close to us.  Sometimes from our past.  Share a story in your life where you felt condemned.  How does Rom 8:34 help us through this condemnation?

4) Satan will tell us because we are so bad, God will not love us.  How does Rom 8:35 assure us and how does this verse give us the confidence?

5) Rom 8:37. says "we are more than conquerors".  How do we become more than conquerors?