Who Will Save The Day?

Nicholas Hor

Scripture: Esther 5-7
CG discussion questions: 1. In Esther chapters 5 and 6, we read of Haman and his idol of “self”. Idols are what preoccupies our minds and trigger a drastic, negative response in us when their positions in our lives are challenged. Share about one such idol in your life. What can we do about these idols? 2. The real hero of the book of Esther is God the King, who weaved together King Ahasuerus’ impulsive decisions, Haman’s ego and foolishness, Esther’s beauty and craft, and brought about the deliverance of the Jews. Identify the bad decisions, foolishness or failures in your life. How have God turned them into opportunities to achieve His purposes or bring glory to His name? 3. Esther continuously found favour with King Ahasuerus. But, we find favour before God only through His Son Jesus Christ. How should we respond to this truth, and how can this knowledge change our lives? 4. Pray and encourage one another in the knowledge of the King’s redemption and sovereign providence in our lives.