Living in Spiritual Community means loving one another

Yee Siew Meng

Scripture: Romans 13:8-14


1) With the 4 kinds of love mentioned : Storges, Filial, Eros and Agape - Agape is the most pure and deep as it is a Love from God. Can you describe what are some differences between Agape and the other "loves"? Have you experienced it from God? From others in the Spiritual Community?

2) Read John 13:34 and compare that with Romans 13:9 (Leviticus 19:17-18) What is the difference between the law and the new covenant of faith?

3) This new commandment is possible because Jesus showed it to us on the cross and gave it to us. We can now love one another. Practically how can we love one another with this Agape Love?

4) Being faithful in prayer for each other is a way to show love. Share your needs with one another and pray for one another now.