Living with the State

Nicholas Hor

Scripture: Romans 13:1-7

Discussion Questions

1. 'We tend to view our relationship and interactions as merely secular, a "necessary evil"'.  Do you agree with this statement? How can we respond to the passage by viewing our interactions and relationship with the Government as a form of spiritual worship? 

2. Give examples where you (or other Christians) have failed to submit to authorities? What can we do to act in line with the commandment to submit to authorities? 

3. According to the BIble, under what circumstances should we cease to submit to authorities? Can you give any real life examples of this? 

4. Paul and Peter (in 1 Peter 2:13-17) do not make a distinction between a “good” government and a “bad” government when urging their readers to submit to government authorities. What can we learn from this? Do we sometimes struggle with this? 

Pray for one another. Take time to pray for Malaysia and its leaders.