[The Art of Delighting] The Expression of Our Delight

Yee Siew Meng

Scripture: Psalm 92:4-15


1) we are told to

Come and see - Psalm 46:8-9  AND

Come and sing - Psalm 95:1-3

How should this happen in our church?  What practical ways can your CG invite people and each other to come and see and sing?  

2) The Speaker shared 3 movements in our worship and expression of delight in God.  Where would you say your soul is today?  

i) Barrenness of soul, a lack of delight in the things of God

ii) A lack of fulness but still a longing and desire.

iii) Uncumbered joy overflowing from a genuine expression of delight in the glorious God. 

3) Matthew 11:28-30 

Who are the recipients of God's rest? 

Why would God exchange our yoke for His yoke of kindness? 

How does that make you feel?  

Describe some of the yoke you carry now?  Share with each other and pray for one another to receive His yoke which is easy and light.