Date Sort ascending Title Scripture Preacher
Lets Fly, Run and Walk Isiah 40:28-31 Yee Siew Meng
Who is this Boy? Isaiah 9:6 Yee Siew Meng
Who Is Like This God? Isaiah 40:18-27 Yee Siew Meng
Comfort in Beholding God Isaiah 40:9-17 Yee Siew Meng
Comfort in the Stability of His Word Isaiah 40:6-8 Yee Siew Meng
God is a Comforter of People Isaiah 40:1--5 Yee Siew Meng
The Art of Waiting - with Hope and Anticipation Isaiah 30:18 Yee Siew Meng
The Gospel according to Isaiah Isaiah 6 Stephen Tan
Remember Not Isaiah 43:18-21 Yee Siew Meng
Missions & Ministry Month: We are called to be Repairers and Restorers Isaiah 58:8-14 Yee Siew Meng
Missions & Ministry Month: Our True Worship Isaiah 58:1-7, 13,14 Yee Siew Meng
Man of Sorrows Isaiah 53:10-12 Lim Sian Pheng
Man of Sorrows Isaiah 53:1-10 Lim Sian Pheng
Confronted by Holiness - Isaiah 6 Isaiah 6 Yee Siew Meng
The Suffering Servant Isaiah 52:13 - Isaiah 53:12 Yee Siew Meng
Isaiah's vision of the Lord (Isa 6:1-6) George Tan
Justice (Isaiah 58:6-7) CDPC 12th Annivesary Isaiah 58:6-7 Wong Fong Yang
Redemption - Isaiah 53:4-6 Isaiah 53:4-6 Wong Fong Yang